New Novel Started!

Today I started! That is, I started to finish No Way Back (working title) the sequel to The Sleighriders – my fantasy novel. When I dragged up my old file I saw that I’d last worked on it in March 2010, and had about 11,000 words written. I really have no idea why it’s taken me so long to return to it.  The skeleton story plan is kind of worked out, but now I’ll be looking to write another 80 or 90 thousand words or so.

Blimey, the wheels of writing turned so slowly this morning, as though the brakes were stuck on. Those first few sentences were like walking through treacle.  I soon realised I had to ‘be there’ again, in the setting of The Sleighriders, hearing the characters, and seeing them again, being back in the atmosphere. Then of course there are new characters to think about, and a new path through a new book. It’s exciting!

I’ve put a hold on my other blogs until next spring in order to concentrate on the new book. The only other thing to accomplish this year was to publish The Sleighriders in paperback. I’ve just had my files accepted by Createspace and my proof is winging its way to me as we speak. It should be here on or about November 10th – just in time to try and promote for Christmas which is ideal because it’s a Christmas story.

In the meantime it’s nose to the keyboard! 🙂

4 thoughts on “New Novel Started!”

  1. It is quite a thing when you go back to writing something you had started all those years ago, so well done to on that, Jude! I have found if I have been a way from writing for a while it can be like moving through treackle until you fully emerse yourself back in the zone, and then it feels like it is not you who is constructing the sentences and putting the words down, but strangely, somebody else. This is how it feels to me. I wrote a book back in 2005, and began the follow up shortly after. I got into a few chapters and then that is where it has been ever since.


  2. That’s exactly how it’s been for me, and I’m still trying to become fully ‘immersed’ – with difficulty! Still feeling slightly detached, and concentration keeps trying to escape and run off down side roads. You’ve never mentioned that you’ve actually written a book! Maybe one day you’ll decide to publish it (it’s so easy these days), and maybe you’ll find a need to dig the follow up out of the drawer, blow the dust off, and finish it! I really hope so! 🙂


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