I’m Jude, I live in an isolated spot in the Dordogne with my hubby Bob and lots of wildlife. When we retired here in 2004 I suddenly had time to do all the things I never had time for, writing being one of them. Over the last few years I’ve written and published two ebooks, and this week my third went up on Amazon Kindle. This ‘author blog’ is my way of sharing my work, and hopefully hearing from like-minded people. I also do lots of photography and have a  general blog  and a mushroom blog. I seem to have gone blogging mad! Another major hobby is motorcycling (on his and hers Ducatis) which tends to take over in the summer. Biking friends often visit and we enjoy the wonderful twisty roads and the amazing scenery in the Dordogne.

I had fantastic fun creating my own book covers and the illustrations for my most recent book, ‘The Mouse and the Microlight’. I create illustrations using my own photography (including the aerial pics) and the GIMP photo-editing program. I’d love to share thoughts on writing and the creation of illustrations and book covers. I hope you’ll enjoy the blog and I’d love to hear from you.

author of fantasy, fiction and memoir