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Promoting Your Book

I’ve been looking at ways of promoting my books via social media/networking etc. Not my thing at all but it has to be done, so I’ve been looking at some options.

I started with Facebook, which I was on anyway, and added a Facebook Author Page. That was easy. Once the page was created I just sent out a notification to all my friends asking them to ‘Like’ my page. Of course it’s best if you have a a few hundred friends!

Instagram – which includes ‘Bookstagram’ had been recommended to me but I soon found out that Instagram was used by smart-phone users, primarily to wing pictures off to friends. I don’t own a smart-phone and don’t really want to invest in one purely to be able to use Instagram, and as yet there doesn’t appear to be an app’ for a PC. I could use my tablet, but then I have to upload photos from my camera to the PC, and then the PC to the tablet, and then onto Instagram. Hmm! And I only know two people who use Instagram. It just doesn’t seem worth it.

I looked at Twitter, which has always been a mystery to me and after reading what it’s about and how it works, and having a look at the site, I decided it wasn’t for me either. In fact the more I looked at it the more my resistance grew! 

So in a nutshell I’ve decided that with Facebook, four blogs, and a fifth blog shared with my hubby, I’m already reaching out to a lot of people. I have about as much as I can cope with. If I was to take on Instagram and Twitter as well I’d have no time to write! And writing is what I love, it’s what I want to be doing, not spending hours on networking. Maybe my big intentions about promotion are not doing as well as I first intended! Ho-hum! 

Whatever happens you have to keep believing in yourself, keep writing, and enjoy the journey.


Don’t get disgruntled and think pigs will fly before I sell some books!