A Little Poem to Keep You Going

One should post regularly on ones blog, but sometimes one has difficulty thinking of something new and original – so one digs a beetle out of ones photography archives and posts it with a poem – that one was forced into reciting on stage at primary school – which brings back memories of being scared shitless!

A little  green beetle

Flew in from the damp

And dried his wet wings

By the warmth of my lamp

He hovered a moment

Green-gold in the light

Then flew out of the window

And into the night.


Isn’t that sweet!

(I just wasn’t born to be on stage)

4 thoughts on “A Little Poem to Keep You Going”

  1. It is, it’s rather gentle. I wonder who wrote it – I tried a quick Google search and couldn’t find the author. I still remember dreading having to recite it in front of an audience. I think I was a shrinking violet as a kid! 🙂


  2. What a sweet poem! I was like that when I was a kid also! I used to get so nervous I’d throw up my porridge all over the wood stove and then leave for the school bus! Left my father to clean it all up….lol…serves him right! 🙂


  3. We’re kindred spirits T! Actually I still shrink from the limelight – tend to slip into a room full of people and sit in a corner. That poem was from when I was about eight and I still remember the dreaded experience! I probably couldn’t even swallow my porridge!


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