‘A Red Waterproof Jacket’ has arrived!

I am just so thrilled! The proof for A Red Waterproof Jacket arrived yesterday! I published it as an e-book a few years ago but this year decided to go for paperback with CreateSpace for all my books. The proof looks so good. I love the way the cover has come out. I obviously got my design pretty much spot on. It really does look professional. I was sitting here staring at it and thinking ‘It looks like a real book!’ Then I thought ‘Stupid! It is a real book!’

In a nutshell I wrote this book to inspire anyone who feels stuck, who keeps telling them self ‘better the devil you know’, and to urge them to believe there can be another life. Maybe the best way to tell you a bit more about the book is to simply post the back cover blurb …

What if you were a woman of fifty-six, emotionally unable to disentangle yourself from a long-term bitter-sweet relationship with no future? Too often you find yourself staring out of the window across the fens dreaming of new horizons. Depression shadows you. What do you have? A dull, routine job and a motorbike.

Change was easy when you were young, when you set off to Canada aged twenty-two, heart full of hope, romance, and optimism. But now middle age and loss of confidence has withered hope. Relationships have never worked out; always an imbalance. You decided some time ago that better the devil you know was the safest route. Besides, the very thought of a new relationship is tiring.

But what if out of the blue a man walked into your life? A man with a motorbike. A man ten years younger than you, who couldn’t possibly find you attractive. Could he? He wants to meet for coffee. You’re scared to death. He’s attractive. He wants you to go to Spain with him. Would you dare? Could you dump your job, sell your house, and risk running off into the sunset once more, with man you’ve known for a little over a week?

A Red Waterproof Jacket is now on sale on Amazon, as either an ebook or a paperback.



11 thoughts on “‘A Red Waterproof Jacket’ has arrived!”

  1. That’s great news. πŸ‘πŸ» Congratulations, dear Judeβ£οΈπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» We wish you many happy readers❣️


    1. T’would be nice but more and more I realise that it’s the writing – the creative process that I love. There must be a certain power within creativity, in that a writer can create characters and make all sorts of things happen. And the same with you and your brushes! You can bring forth images of light and dark, and fun and serious. We both create a message! πŸ™‚


      1. Last night I watched several interviews with Maurice Sendak. He shared some interesting feedback about what it’s like when you go into the characters – through words or thru the illustrations… goodness, I was tired, but I think I can find it again.. I thought at the moment, ‘I should stop the video and write that down..’

        and I didn’t!

        The ceibo tree is getting very strong.. it’s almost strong enough to walk out of the scene! Hope your weekend went well!


      2. Here’s the gist of it via PBS transcript:
        “… And then, he said, “But, why do you like Schubert? You always sing Schubert.” And he sort of faintly condemned Schubert. “I mean, he’s so simple. He’s just a Viennese waltzes.” And she smiled. And she said, “Schubert is so big, so delicate, but what he did was pick a form that looked so humble and quiet so that he could crawl into that form and explode emotionally, find every way of expressing every emotion in this miniature form.”

        And I got very excited… ”

        so last night, I thought, ‘crawl into and explode in all directions….’ and I smiled……. yeah.. we do crawl into our work and merge/become whatever it is….


    2. I just love that piece of information about Maurice Sendak and the conversation about Schubert! To pick a form, crawl into it and explode emotionally is a magnificent way to describe our expression through all forms of art! Thanks Lisa! I may steal this for a quote sometime! πŸ™‚


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