Author Interview: Jude Thompson

Jack Probyn recently invited me to be a guest on his blog, so of course I agreed. He is also a writer, currently working on a fantasy novel, and his blog has some great short stories and writing-related posts.

Author Interview - Jude

This is my first ever interview/guest/author post – whatever you want to call it. I asked Jude a few questions and she responded.

The reason for this post is to gain a little insight into her career and into her life.

So, without much further ado…

Here’s a quick biography on Jude: she lives in France, enjoys riding around on her motorbike with her husband (weather permitting) and has published a total of four books. Initially, they were e-Books but early this year she started publishing them as paperbacks with CreateSpace. The Mouse and the Microlight and The Stowaways are finished and are on Amazon. You can see all her books on her author blog: She is a talented writer with a very distinct voice which comes through in some of her short stories and general blogs posts!

1. What is the best part about being an…

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5 thoughts on “Author Interview: Jude Thompson”

    1. Thanks Lisa, I always enjoy and appreciate your thoughts. It was a nice opportunity to push my books out into the world a bit. Jack is a lovely guy and a good writer. 📚📕📖📗☺


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