Blogging – Followers, Likes and Comments

Something I noticed a few days ago set me off thinking about the whole Following, Liking and Commenting thing with regards to blogging. I was recently looking at a blog which showed that it had close to 6000 followers. That’s a lot of followers! But many recent posts on that blog had only received up to fifteen Likes and only between seven and ten Comments. Why?

Does it mean that a few thousand Followers have …

Lost interest?


Had their computers stolen?

Signed up enthusiastically to so many blogs that they haven’t a hope of keeping up with them.

Or …

Were never really interested in the first place and only signed up in hope that they would get a ‘Return Follow’?

I have to admit to being in the over exuberant category. When I come across a great blog, I sign up with enthusiasm, but unless some sort of a rapport develops with that blogger then I can lose interest. I guess I just like to share and feel a connection. And sometimes time-wise, it’s just not possible to Like or Comment on every new post that comes in. But I do try.

There are those who will do anything to get noticed and try to get you to Follow their blog! I recently had 10 or 12 Likes come in, in a block, in my WordPress mail, all from the same person and all Liking comments that I’d made on other blog posts! They had all arrived within a minute or so of each other. I swear the person who sent them barely had time to read the comments I’d made before banging off a Like. Amazing! I bet I deleted them a lot faster than the sender sent them.

Personally I never follow a blog that I’m not attracted by, or don’t have an interest in, so it surprises me when someone whose blog is, for example, solely about fashion and make-up, follows our motorcycling blog. Am I just getting cynical in my old age?!

What do you think about the whole Following, Liking, Commenting subject?

6 thoughts on “Blogging – Followers, Likes and Comments”

  1. I have noticed a similar thing also, Jude. Some folks are promoting a product to sell, which is fair enough, but not for me. Blogging is another advertising medium for them. I like the rapport with other bloggers also, and have found so many talented folk on here of all kinds and from all corners of the globe. I have tried Myspace in the past, facebook, and google plus, but these were not for me so I deleted them. I found this to be one of the best and most rewarding internet social platforms.


  2. I agree absolutely Pete. Of course I will try and promote my books to some degree, but it’s not solely about that – besides I was blogging long before I was writing books! Photography is equally important to me – as is making some great friends with like-minded people – like yourself! 🙂


  3. It’s nice to receive likes and I always try to look at the person’s site in return, but if I don’t click with what’s on there I don’t like or comment just for the sake of it. I ‘like’ when I actually like a post, follow if I like several pieces or the general style of a blog, comment if I have something I feel is worth saying. Although often I’ll start comments then change my mind and delete it before posting!


  4. Absolutely – it is nice to receive a Like, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you like their blog. Nowadays I only follow a blog I really like a lot.


  5. I know what you mean, Jude. I have strong suspicions there are lots of people out there just fishing for follows. It’s one of the reasons I’m not keen on Twitter. I’m also of the over-exuberant category though and tend to follow more blogs than I can keep up with. That’s a bit like my reading habits in general, though. Too many books, not enough time!


  6. I looked at Twitter, and that was about it. Then I tried Instagram – only to find it doesn’t work on a PC, so not much use to me with my ancient phone that’s only used if the car breaks down! The trouble is everyone is using social media to sell their stuff – kind of everyone using everyone. I do enjoy communicating with other writers, and really happy to help by putting their site on my author blog – and doing guest posts. But I do get tired of ‘Likes and Follows’ from individuals that I’m quite sure, as you said, are just fishing!


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