The Stowaways – Live!

My Stowaways proof has arrived from CreateSpace! The second book I can be thrilled to put on my bookshelf with a sense of pride. There was one error in the book – a new chapter that I had somehow not started on a new page, and a picture that needed to be lightened. The edit took a few minutes to update and I re-submitted the file. Twenty-four hours later it was done and approved. I’m now happy to say The Stowaways is live on Amazon.

It’s been a long, and fun journey with the two books about Mouse Formidable, which started out as a blog where I posted a chapter a week. It was a great way to write because it started as pure fun and there was no pressure. After I published both books as e-Books on Amazon Kindle I discovered early this year that I could publish in paperback with CreateSpace with no up-front costs to myself. It seemed like a great idea and so I set off on another journey with rather a large learning curve attached. It’s certainly been worth it.

If anyone is thinking of publishing with CreateSpace and has any questions I’d be glad to help if I can.

4 thoughts on “The Stowaways – Live!”

  1. Thanks Pete! Only a couple more to go – quite different from the first two and written a few years ago. They’re currently eBooks but it’ll be nice to have them in paperback. 🙂


  2. Wow! Good for you Jude! It’s quite an accomplishment, be proud girl! 🙂
    It surprised me there is no up front cost…how do they get paid, If you don’t mind my asking?? 🙂


  3. Thanks T, always grateful for your support! 🙂

    They offer a print on demand service. You prepare your book files and cover according to their publishing requirements and submit it, if it meets requirements then they publish it as ‘print on demand’. So they only print a book when one is ordered. The book is sold at a price that you set, but they give you a baseline price that it must start at. In other words if their printing costs are ten dollars then you must set the price at at least ten dollars – but you need to add a bit to make something for yourself! So you might sell at twelve or fifteen dollars, it’s up to you. Cost of printing varies according to number of pages, and whether the book has colour pictures or is plain white. You better get writing!


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