Going Live!

I can’t quite believe it’s happened. But it has. On Friday I received my proof copy of The Mouse and the Microlight from CreateSpace. It arrived earlier than expected, my hubby brought it up from the post box and put it on the kitchen table. My heart gave a little start when I saw it and realised what it was. ‘Aren’t you going to open it?’ says he. ‘Yes,’ says me staring at the package nervously, ‘But I have to make a cup of tea first.’ Of course it was a delaying tactic. I was so nervous at what the book would look like. Would I like it? Would it be good enough? I almost dreaded opening it. Anyway, I did make the tea and then forced myself to do it. I opened the package.

It felt so strange holding my book, all my hours of work and this was it at last in paper form. The cover looked great, excellent colours. I carefully turned pages. The paper felt good, good quality and the pictures stood out well. My only criticism was that one or two of the pictures set in dark situations were a little too dark, but my hubby didn’t think so. I started to feel quite thrilled and very pleased with the result, and so I completed the final part of the process with CreateSpace and pressed the Approve button.

It takes three to five working days to appear on Amazon, but now today I see it’s already there!

I took a few pictures …

On Amazon here

It’s hard to believe it’s actually happened, and I’m so pleased with the result.  I’m waiting for the proof of The Stowaways now, due to arrive mid May. Onward and upward!

14 thoughts on “Going Live!”

  1. I, “Little Lisa” am the fourth of four girls, and reading the back cover blurb was like reading a summary of my own life! I think that my entire family would chuckle and agree.. only I didn’t march off to the barn but to a distant continent. One sister once stated, “You never cease to shock me.” in a good way, by showing up or sending a package via meeting a stranger who lived in their same little college town…

    Congratulations! I am thrilled that your proof is in hand, and that it gives you joy! It will also give joy to many!

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    1. Many thanks Lisa, it means a lot to have your support and encouragement! We must have a bit of a kindred spirit – I was the youngest of four and marched off to Canada when I was 22. Always had itchy feet! There’s a lot of that mouse in me I think! 🐭🐭🐁🐀😁


    1. Thanks Pete, I am really pleased, it’s quite bizarre seeing my name as an author on a book. One thing I’m very glad about and that is that I gave up the idea of trying to go the route of conventional publishing some years ago. I’d be sitting here with a drawer full of polite rejection letters instead of a book in my hand! Now I’ve inspired you you must have a go yourself! 🙂

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      1. You are welcome, Jude, and thank you 🙂 Its just having the time to do everything. I guess one has to make time, somehow. But good on you, Jude! You done it!


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