Self-Publishing Brain Drain

My brain is getting pretty old which probably doesn’t help.

I’ve just started the process of trying to publish my e-books as paperbacks with Createspace, and found it to be a huge learning curve.

I’ve been floundering with publishing terms: margins, bleed, trim size and gutters! Trying to work out how many pages my book will be so I can figure out the size of the spine, and things like that.

My eyes are just about square and my computer is smoking. I may start smoking fairly soon.

This is the reason I haven’t posted anything on any of my blogs for ages. BUT, I am getting there, and hope to be back with a decent post and a bit of an update SOON. Thanks for your patience!


4 thoughts on “Self-Publishing Brain Drain”

  1. ha! long long ago in elementary art classes, i nudged my students into making a little bitty book ‘dummy,’ so they might- in the future – respect the work that goes into the design of a book! even down to getting the page numbers right and allowing for a plain page at the beginning and the end.. and a ‘half title’ page and title page… they all did well.

    i wonder if they remember ‘mrs. brunetti’ when they admire a beautifully-designed book?


    1. I’m hanging! Just been away to England for a week and now back, and will continue with the ‘paperback’ project! Think I might be getting there. When I left I was part way into designing the cover, and had just got the measurements right. Thanks for the support it means a lot! And by the way, where is your new author blog??!:)


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