Promoting Your Book

I’ve been looking at ways of promoting my books via social media/networking etc. Not my thing at all but it has to be done, so I’ve been looking at some options.

I started with Facebook, which I was on anyway, and added a Facebook Author Page. That was easy. Once the page was created I just sent out a notification to all my friends asking them to ‘Like’ my page. Of course it’s best if you have a a few hundred friends!

Instagram – which includes ‘Bookstagram’ had been recommended to me but I soon found out that Instagram was used by smart-phone users, primarily to wing pictures off to friends. I don’t own a smart-phone and don’t really want to invest in one purely to be able to use Instagram, and as yet there doesn’t appear to be an app’ for a PC. I could use my tablet, but then I have to upload photos from my camera to the PC, and then the PC to the tablet, and then onto Instagram. Hmm! And I only know two people who use Instagram. It just doesn’t seem worth it.

I looked at Twitter, which has always been a mystery to me and after reading what it’s about and how it works, and having a look at the site, I decided it wasn’t for me either. In fact the more I looked at it the more my resistance grew! 

So in a nutshell I’ve decided that with Facebook, four blogs, and a fifth blog shared with my hubby, I’m already reaching out to a lot of people. I have about as much as I can cope with. If I was to take on Instagram and Twitter as well I’d have no time to write! And writing is what I love, it’s what I want to be doing, not spending hours on networking. Maybe my big intentions about promotion are not doing as well as I first intended! Ho-hum! 

Whatever happens you have to keep believing in yourself, keep writing, and enjoy the journey.


Don’t get disgruntled and think pigs will fly before I sell some books!

10 thoughts on “Promoting Your Book”

    1. I knew what you meant Amy 🙂 I meant that I possibly don’t expect positive results from ‘out there’ (social media). It’s why I’ve always been reluctant to push my books. I’m just starting to kick myself into having a bit more belief. It’s no good creating something and then hiding under a stone! – Now that may be an idea for another post!

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  1. The illustration is precious! It’s been hours since I opened your post, and just now the ‘burrito’ is allowing me to comment and like. Any future possible silence will most likely mean that I’m reading but unable to comment… will cmment when possible!


  2. Have you tried making a page on Pinterest ?? it’s easy and people do find you! You should ad me to your facebook..T.L.Asman, I’ve got friends all over the world who have lots of kids!! Believe in yourself!!<3 T.


  3. Hey thanks T, I’ll definitely add you to Facebook, that’s really kind of you. I thought you had to pay for a page on Pinterest – maybe I didn’t look closely enough, I’ll check it out. Thanks for your support!! 🙂


  4. Another way to promote yourself (an others authors as well) is to host them on your site, either as a guest post, interview, book release, or some other theme. The more subscribers and followers on your blog, the more visitors and coverage.


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