The Sleighriders

Back in 2011 I published a fantasy novel called The Elf Girl’s Dream and at the time for some reason I liked the idea of using a pen-name; I’m really not sure now why I did that. As was my way I published on Amazon Kindle and then did absolutely no promotion, so just a few friends bought the book, and since then it’s grown cobwebs in the annals of the Amazon’s Kindle store.

With my new surge of enthusiasm and determination to do something about my work I decided Elf Girl needed a real facelift. First I did a complete edit, not to the story, just punctuation and a bit of tweaking here and there. Next I had to create a Table of Content which for some reason hadn’t worked on the first publishing. I don’t know why I didn’t fix that at the time. This turned into a nightmare and it took three attempts to get it all working, each time checking it in Amazon’s previewer which lets you see how your book will be seen on Kindle.

I wanted my own name on my book this time too so the pen name was binned. The next thing was the title which I’d never been entirely happy with. It kept coming across as possibly a gentle, dreamy book, which it definitely isn’t. I wanted a title that spoke of ‘movement’, of adventure, and danger, and so I eventually decided on The Sleighriders. With that in mind I created a brand new cover. It’s been quite a few weeks of work to bring the book back to life, but it’s been worth it. It also makes me realize yet again that what I love so much about writing is the creation process.

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The Sleighriders can be found on Amazon under Kindle Books.


12 thoughts on “The Sleighriders”

    1. Thanks Pete! I really had to do something about trying to get my books ‘out there’, I love the creative process but the promoting bit is something I’ve kind of ignored up to now. Thanks so much for the positive comments, I was pretty pleased with the cover, it was a concoction of two photos and some graphic drawing. Hours of fun!

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  1. That cover is perfect! Well done!

    I remember Stephen Kind’s “On Writing” where he recommends writing the book then putting it in a drawer for a while… Then it’s easier to see mistakes and to polish it… Seems like that worked for you as well!

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    1. Funny you should say that Lisa! I bought that book ages ago and till this moment I’d forgotten I had it! Must dig it out and have a read. Last night I also opened my file and re-read my sequel to The Sleighriders – 12,000 words so far (started in 2010). Now I know I must finish it! Isn’t it great to have a project that you can’t wait to start. 🙂

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  2. I thought they meant Stephan King also! Nice illustrations Jude! Looks like a Christmas story?? is writing books for Kindle/ Amazon a good living?? or is it feast or famine?? just curious! ((hugs)) T. 🙂


  3. Hi T – I’d have starved to death years ago if I relied on an income! I write because I love to write, and if I eventually became ‘known’ and sold hundreds of books that would be great. There a millions of Kindle books languishing unknown; the hard part is promotion – all done by social networking it seems – which I’m not much good at. It’s actually why I’ve created my website, and also a Facebook page. If you need money then keep your day job!! I have a pension!


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