Hello and Welcome!

The day before yesterday I published my third eBook on Amazon Kindle, and decided that I really must put some effort into promoting my work. I get so much fun out of writing, and equally as much out of creating illustrations.

My chance to write happened when I retired to France in 2004 with my boyfriend, Bob, who became my husband in 2005. What more of an idyllic spot could a budding writer have dreamed of than this isolated spot on a wooded hillside in the Dordogne, and on top of that I had suddenly become a time-millionaire! I can’t remember which year I started my first book ‘A Red Waterproof Jacket’ but looking back at records I was attempting to go the traditional publishing route with it in May 2010. It never happened and like probably many authors, sick of the long waiting game and rejections, I gave up and published on Amazon Kindle. That first book was a memoir, the next was a fantasy novel (which I’m currently making some minor changes to) which was huge fun to write.

Two days ago ‘The Mouse and the Microlight’ also zoomed off to Amazon Kindle. I said to myself, Jude, you have to do something about promotion this time. It’s not my bag, leaping into the limelight and shouting ‘Buy this book, it’s great!‘ But if I don’t then my wonderful works of art that I spent hours and hours writing and editing, and re-editing, and pouring over, and creating illustrations for, will languish quietly, gathering dust in the immeasurable ‘cloud’ that is Amazon’s ebook archive. I think I owe it to myself to make an effort.

So the first step is to create this author blog where I can show off my work, and then I’m told I should link it to Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and every other social media site possible (groan) and oh yes, start using some of Amazon’s options, like doing promotions. So here goes with step one – the blog.

Why do people want to become authors? Probably for lots of different reasons. For me, well I love reading, I love being taken out of this world and transported into mystery and murder, journeys into strange lands, romance and longing, and laughter. That’s what authors have given me. They’ve taken me with them into another time and place and filled me with all sorts of emotions and inspirations. I’ve been right there, woven into the thread of their story like a skein of wool in a sweater. I would love to achieve that and give it to my readers. That’s what I want out of writing.

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8 thoughts on “Hello and Welcome!”

    1. Thanks so much Teresa, at long last I’ve started to do something about promoting my books. Maybe I’ve gained a bit of self-belief?! The moving pics are gifs, I created them on the photo-editing program. Took a while to learn but great fun! Thanks for your support 🙂

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      1. Neat stuff Jude, I wish I had a newer computer to do stuff like that! 🙂 Self belief is a great thing..takes a while to learn but once you learn how go with it! ((hugs)) T. 🙂

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  1. Thanks T! Maybe you could do it with your computer? I do all my photo-editing with GIMP which you can download for free and it’s just as good as Photoshop. Plus there’s lots of help and tutorials put out by GIMP and loads of YouTube videos. I’m happy to pass on what I’ve learned if you ever decide to have a go! 🙂


  2. Hi Jude, loving the look of your new blog! What a great idea. And you`ve inspired me to consider a book blog, too! I`m not a time millionaire yet, but I am quite excited about the baby steps in the meantime. 🙂
    Congrats on completing your new book. I will have to check it all out soooon!


    1. I can’t believe I missed this comment from you Chris! It was still in the ‘approval’ folder – from the 24th of January!! So now in reply – at long last – thanks so much for your lovely thoughts on the blog, and have you started your author blog yet?! 🙂


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